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Darren and Anjie Galsworthy - father and stepmother of Becky Watts

Media support for Becky Watts’ family

Media support for Becky Watts’ family

The sudden disappearance of Bristol teenager Becky Watts hit the national press headlines in February 2015. In a desperate two-week search for the schoolgirl millions of worried well-wishers filled social media with Becky’s missing poster, while the local community rallied to comb the streets for clues. Hopes were cruelly dashed when her father and stepmother Darren and Anjie Galsworthy received the

Features editor Helen O'Brien

How Medavia can manage your media

Exposure to the media can be a bewildering experience for anyone unused to intense pressure from journalists. Medavia was established a decade ago to offer expert advice and discrete practical guidance to families and individuals who are, or will be, in the news. Our services – all of which are provided at no cost to our

Max Clifford victim Sharon Elliot at This Morning

Support for Max Clifford victim Sharon Elliot

When disgraced media mogul Max Clifford went on trial accused of sex crimes, the whole world was watching. Every day the court case was an intimidating siege of reporters, cameramen and photographers. Fearing she’d crumble under the media pressure, his victim Sharon Elliot contacted Medavia for help. After her key testimony saw Clifford jailed for

Nikitta Grender killed Carl Whant

Handling the press for Nikitta Grender’s family

The heartbroken parents of murdered Nikitta Grender were caught in a media frenzy in February 2012, when their daughter’s killer was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Nikitta was eight-and-a-half months pregnant when she was stabbed, raped and killed by her fiance’s cousin, Carl Whant, in February 2011. Following the trial Nikitta’s parents, Paul and


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