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Penguin housewarming party Whipsnade Zoo

Penguin housewarming party

Penguin housewarming party

Goodnight Vienna and good morning Bedfordshire! Seven penguins have moved from Austria to a British zoo. Keepers at Whipsnade Zoo have been welcoming seven rockhopper penguins to their new home in Bedfordshire, by throwing them a housewarming party. The black and white birds were welcomed to their new digs by keepers who presented them with

holiday weight loss before and after

Seatbelt shame slimmer

A mum was shamed into losing SEVEN stone after she was told she was too large to fit into an aeroplane seatbelt. Nicola Keenan, 36, was on her way to Ankara in Turkey with friends when she struggled to get the seatbelt around her size 22 frame. She said: “I’d boarded the plane in high

Five stone weight loss progress photo

Sister inspired diet

A student lost ten inches from his waistline after being inspired to turn his health around by his seven-year-old sister who was battling leukemia. In total Ryan Ridgway, 19, lost five stone, shrinking from 20st to the 15st he is today. When his sister Niamh Ridgway, now 9, fell ill two years ago, Mr Ridgway

Bridesmaid weight loss transformation eight stone

Bridesmaid weight loss

A student who refused to be a bridesmaid at her aunt’s wedding because she was too fat has lost EIGHT stone. At 21 stone and a size 26, Gemma Wright, 21, was horrified when her aunt asked her to be bridesmaid at her wedding in May 2013. Mortified at the thought of waddling down the

vasa praevia scan family affected

Mum’s baby scan appeal

A mother who lost her baby after her placenta ruptured during labour is calling for the condition to be routinely screened for at 20 week scans. Niki Cunningham, 31, was distraught when her baby died after suffering a huge hemorrhage at birth. But Mrs Cunningham’s grief soon turned to anger when she learned that the

Giant campfire with marshmallow snow sculpture

Campfire snow sculpture

As an Arctic continues to bash the eastern United States, a New Jersey man has made the most of snowstorm Juno by creating an unusual snow sculpture – a huge campfire complete with a toasted marshmallow. Brendan Schaffer, 26, spent five hours creating the 10ft-high sculpture at Fairview Lake YMCA camp in Oxford, New Jersey.

One pound a day food budget diet

£1 food challenge

A 26-year-old lawyer is feeding herself with food saved from skips and recycled bones from her local butcher to get through a challenge to survive on a budget of just £1 a day. Alice Biggar, of Southampton, decided to save the pennies and give up expensive grub for an entire month. She said: “I wanted

Proposal heart rate tracker graph

Proposal heart rate tracker

A man secretly recorded his fiancées heart rate as he proposed to her. Mechanical engineer Anthony O’Malley, 24, tricked Taís Guimarães, 23, a student from Brazil, into wearing a heart rate monitor, telling her he wanted to go on hike and compare their heart rates. Mr O’Malley said: “I told her about how I use

Postman life photos

Postman’s route photos

A postman has documented the perils of delivering letters by taking photos of his encounters en route. Seth Miller, 21, has been delivering for three years and decided to start taking the pictures after stray dogs started following him around his route. Over the years Mr Miller has encountered everything from grumpy stick insects to

Before and after weight loss man

Cider drinker’s weight loss

Time at the bar! A cider drinker has lost NINE stone by quitting alcohol for good. Anyone tempted to give in and have a pint rather than struggle through the last days of Dry January may find inspiration in the example of Phil Zipser, 35, who lost nine stone by kicking the booze. Father-of-three Mr


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