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Teachers at Riverview Middle School hogwarts makeover

Hogwarts school makeover

Hogwarts school makeover

Harry Potter inspired a Canadian middleschool to shapeshift into Hogwarts. When Riverview Middle School wanted to boost their literacy scores, teachers came up with a spellbinding plan to motivate students. Teacher Armand Doucet, 35, put in months of work to transform the cafeteria and class rooms into one of fiction’s most well-known schools — Hogwarts

Ice cave under Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland

Crystal ice caves

These striking photographs show inside the crystal ice caves that lie deep beneath Europe’s largest glacier. Julien Ratel, 33, visited the mesmerizing world beneath the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland and captured these incredible images. He said: “I’ve been to numerous places in Iceland. I’ve experienced long jeep trips and flown over a live volcano. Visiting

Lego model pregnancy baby gender reveal

Lego baby gender reveal

Is this the most gruesome Lego playset ever? A Lego-mad dad built a representation of his pregnant wife’s stomach and invited friends and family to pull it apart as a way to share the news of the gender of their child. Gerry Burrows, 41, a computer engineer, decided the building blocks were the best medium

Graph tracking cigarettes smoked

Smoking addiction graphs

An ex-smoker has brought together a series of fascinating and beautiful graphs from data which he collected to help him quit. Riley Murphy, 30, a chemist, started recording facts about his smoking habit in October 2001 and finished in July 2003. He went on to record 5,326 cigarette trips over that two-year period, writing down

Cat dressed up in outfits

Fashion cat photos

An Irish photographer is turning his household moggy into the cream of the fashion world by taking pictures of him in fetching outfits. Jason McGroarty, 22, spends his spare time photographing his pretty kitty Hummus dressed up in fashion attire. The playful project sees seven-year-old Hummus pose as a vampire, geisha and a queen. Mr

Churchill impersonator Gerry George

Churchill fan’s election plans

Britain’s most fanatical Winston Churchill admirer says the wartime Prime Minister would wipe the floor with today’s professional politicians and has announced he is considering running as an MP to prove it. Gerry George, 76, a professional actor and Churchill impersonator, said he would run as an MP to show that the British Bulldog would

Lightening strike night into day illumination

Lightening strike illumination

This amazing picture depicts the exact moment the rain-lashed streets of Chelmsford were illuminated by a lightning strike. Photographer David Ward, 21, happened to press his shutter button at precisely the same time as a lightning bolt flashed at around 4am turning pitch darkness into broad daylight for a fraction of a second. Mr Ward

Gluta dog cancer recovery

Dog’s cancer recovery

A student has melted hearts around the world with his story of how he saved a dog from the streets, nursed it through cancer, and made her part of his family. Sorasart Wisetsin, 25, found eight-year-old Gluta running around his university dormitory the pair soon became firm friends. He said: “I saved her from my

Sponsored tattoo project diagram

Sponsored tattoo project

A 22-year-old woman is in the process of covering her entire body in tattoos suggested by total strangers as part of a bizarre art exhibition. For donations of around £6, strangers can get their names tattooed on the body of Illma Gore, of Los Angeles. Pledges of £60 and above give donors the chance to


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