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Ice climbing frozen waterfall

Frozen waterfall climbers

Frozen waterfall climbers

Daredevil climbers took advantage of falling temperatures to scale frozen waterfalls. Cold weather over the weekend provided climbers with an irresistible challenge when waterfalls froze in place. Daredevil climbers equipped with ice picks dodged deadly hanging ice curtains made of dagger-like icicles as they ascended the 70ft-tall structures. Photographer Matthew Crowley, 34, spotted the daring

Twin survival decision

A pregnant mother decided to keep both her twins even though doctors advised her that aborting one of them would ensure the other survived. Carmelle Hartgrove, 32, and her husband Steve Hartgrove, 36, were delighted when they discovered they were pregnant with twin girls. But at a scan when she was ten weeks pregnant Mrs

World’s largest jigsaw puzzle

A teenager has completed what is thought to be the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. Amanda Funch, 19, completed the incredible 33,600-piece puzzle in around 450 hours. The mammoth jigsaw, which depicts a jungle scene, is manufactured by jigsaw manufacturer Educa. Miss Funch believes she is the first person in the world to have completed the

Fashion pooch Instagram

A stylish chihuahua has become fashion’s coolest ‘it girl’ on Instagram. Collage artist Klee Van Schoonhoven, 37, spends her spare time photographing her tiny pooch Goldie in amusing positions using pages cut out from fashion magazines. The cleverly created project sees ten-year-old Goldie pose alongside famous style icons including Kate Moss and Pharrell Williams. In

Turtle snow sculpture

As freezing weather threatens the UK, three brothers have unveiled a 12ft-high snow turtle which they built in their parents’ gardens. The Bartz brothers, Austin, 20, Trevor, 19 and Connor, 16, began crafting the impressive beast on November 14th. In total it took them 300 hours to complete. Connor said: “It’s become a yearly tradition.

Puppet lover

A young woman who prefers puppets to men says it is impossible for her to find love because potential suitors are put off by her intimidating collection. April Brucker, 30, who has been looking for love for the past ten years, says men are jealous of her 16 puppets which altogether are worth more than

Monkey rescue success

After generous support from the public, a monkey sanctuary in Cornwall managed to raise £6,000 and rescue a capuchin monkey. The monkey, named Daisy, was originally confiscated from an exotic animal breeder in Wales where she was isolated from any others of her breed. She was found with healed cigarette burns and poorly mended fractured

Frosty squirrel photos

Have you got my best side? A squirrel turns to pose for the camera in frosty Scotland. As temperatures plummeted in the UK a photographer managed to capture these pictures of a red squirrel hunting for nuts in wintry conditions. Wildlife photographer James Moore, 42, hid nuts for the inquisitive creatures to find. At one

Baby tapir birth

Edinburgh Zoo received a wonderful gift for the new year in the form of a cute baby Malayan tapir. The male tapir, who has been named Mekong, was born to parents Sayang and first-time father Mogli in the evening of New Years Eve. Leader of the zoo’s hoofstock team Lorna Hughes said: “The calf has

Stockholm Northern Lights

These incredible pictures show the Northern Lights over the rooftops of Stockholm. Astro-photographer Alessandro Merga, 24, captured the awe-inspiring sight of the aurora borealis over the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Mr Merga captured the stunning images from the roof of the Hilton Slussen Hotel which offers a great view of Stockholm’s old town. He said:


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