Global coverage for the ‘clown nose’ baby

Birthmark on nose before and after

Through our work with the Birthmark Support Group charity, Medavia was put in touch with Zara Green whose baby girl, Connie, was born with a pink mark on the tip of her button nose.

Within weeks of her birth it became red, bulbous, and perfectly round – and Connie was fondly dubbed the ‘clown nose baby’.

Zara was passionate about raising awareness of the rare condition, spreading the heartwarming message that despite insensitive stares and taunts from strangers her baby was still beautiful.

From the very first magazine story while Connie was a baby, Medavia has been on hand to guide the family as they’ve charted Connie’s inspiring journey with carefully controlled media opportunities.

We were on hand when Connie had pioneering facial reconstruction surgery in 2011, and revisited Connie and her family again last Christmas to share her experiences of starting primary school.

Over the years we’ve handled interest from all the UK national newspapers, women’s magazines, countless titles around the world and TV shows from London to New York.

We’ve consistently ensured that the global coverage has been sensitive and accurate, approved at every step by Zara and her family.

At Medavia we offer free media support to anyone in need. More information is available on our dedicated page.


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