Handling the press for Nikitta Grender’s family

Nikitta Grender killed Carl Whant

The heartbroken parents of murdered Nikitta Grender were caught in a media frenzy in February 2012, when their daughter’s killer was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Nikitta was eight-and-a-half months pregnant when she was stabbed, raped and killed by her fiance’s cousin, Carl Whant, in February 2011.

Following the trial Nikitta’s parents, Paul and Marcia, were overwhelmed with interest from national newspapers, magazines and freelance journalists and didn’t know where to start.

Then they got in touch with Medavia.

We immediately took control of the situation, allowing the family to concentrate on more important matters. We provided a buffer between them and the press, shielding them from phone calls and intrusion.

Then, using our unrivalled contacts in the media industry, we negotiated a tribute to Nikitta in the The Sun newspaper.

We secured a two-part deal with The Sun to get maximum coverage for the family, and ensured they had full control over the article.

Speaking after Whant was jailed for 35 years, Paul, 39, said: “We were told we couldn’t see Nikitta because of what he had done to her — it would have been too shocking.

“He had set her on fire. We could touch her through a cloth but couldn’t see her to say goodbye.”

Marcia, 38, added: “It was heartbreaking being in the same room as her but not being able to see her.”

Following their appearance in The Sun, Medavia were on hand to arrange further press appearances at the request of Nikitta’s family, getting worldwide coverage in national magazines, TV and radio.

If you’ve got the press on your doorstep, and you need help we’ve made a guide to managing your media. The Medavia team can also be contacted in strict confidence, for an impartial discussion about your media options.


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