First hand guidance after Jayden Parkinson’s murder

Jayden Parkinson's mother Samantha Shrewsbury and sister Sharday George

When pregnant Oxford teen Jayden Parkinson went missing in December 2013, the national press swarmed on the police search.

Despite the desperate hopes of her loving family, Jayden’s body was found 16 days later, just days before Christmas. She’d been murdered by her ex boyfriend Ben Blakeley, who callously buried her body in his uncle’s grave.

As her family tried to grieve their enormous loss, they felt pressured and overwhelmed by approaches from the national press to share their story. That’s when they turned to Medavia.

We’ve been on hand for Jayden’s family since that very first phone call.

After meeting with Jayden’s mother Samantha Shrewsbury and her grandfather Eric to discuss their needs, Medavia became the focal point of contact for press enquiries, instantly relieving the pressure on Jayden’s family.

Our media consultants have provided dedicated first-hand support at the trial. We guided the family through drafting their initial statement for when the guilty verdict came in and Blakeley was jailed for life with a minimum prison term of 20 years.

Now, Jayden’s heartbroken mother Samantha and sister Sharday, along with their families and friends, wish to campaign for more help for teenagers trapped in violent, dangerous relationships.

Medavia will continue to provide assistance – negotiating carefully controlled coverage in the national press on their behalf.

We’ve devised a five point media management action plan, designed to advise anyone who finds themselves at the centre of media attention. For further information about how Medavia can provide support, you can contact us in total confidence at 0117 9733730.


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