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Abandoned powerplant

Abandoned powerstation in Budapest

Stunning pictures have emerged from a control room of an abandoned power plant nicknamed the ‘mothership’.

Once buzzing with the whir of machinery which powered the city of Budapest, this Bauhaus-era abandoned power plant is now silent and dusty.

The Kelenfold power station’s once state-of-the-art control room sports a stunning art deco ceiling above banks of outdated technology covered in vintage knobs and switches reminiscent of a Jules Verne novel.

The room, considered a masterpiece of 20th century engineering, has been closed to the public since 2005.

Urban explorer and photographer Manuel Eichelberger, who was escorted around the plant by a caretaker, said the control room reminded him of a spaceship.

Mr Eichelberger, of Munich, Germany, said: “I call the control room the ‘mothership’ because it is like being on the deck of a spaceship.

“It feels very futuristic in there, even though it is full of old technology.”

The power station first started supplying the city with electricity in 1914 – the plant is one hundred years old this year.

The control room was built in 1927 – the iconic space is protected by law and will never be demolished.

Part of the giant complex still supplies Budapest with four per cent of it’s electricity and 60 per cent of its heating and hot water.

Mr Eichelberger travels all over Europe exploring forgotten industrial buildings, including abandoned cooling towers and derelict factories.

He said: “I like to walk around and imagine what these places would have been like when they were fully operational.

“Often these industrial buildings look like all the workers have just gone out for a short break, even though the buildings have been abandoned for years.

“Sometimes these man-made structures have almost disappeared as nature takes it back.”

To see more of Manuel Eichelberger’s work visit http://www.flashberger.de.

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