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Antelope’s bad hair day

Uganda antelope

Bad hair day? An antelope accidentally gave itself a new hairdo after it got some greenery stuck on its antlers.

A Ugandan kob was photographed in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda after it had somehow managed to fashion itself a new wig made of grass.

Wildlife photographer Gonçalo Barriga, 42, snapped the comical picture of the bedraggled animal, which seemed unfazed by its unruly new hairdo as it was photographed by the tourist.

Mr Barriga, of Lisbon, Portugal said: “I was shooting a lion when my guide, Xavier, suddenly yelled at me that I should take a picture of a funny-looking antelope.

“I almost couldn’t take the photograph because I was laughing so hard.

“I had never seen anything like it – he had put a wig on.

“He looked like he had just come from the hairdressers and was showing off his new hairstyle.”

The disheveled creature’s unruly mop bares an uncanny resemblance to Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s famously untamed barnet.

Mr Barriga said the antelope continued to enjoy its lunch.

He said: “He didn’t seem bothered by all the grass on his head. He stood there for a long time, eating.”

Mr Barriga later photographed an African buffalo in a similar predicament in Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda.

The buffalo’s wild mop was caused by the animal getting grass stuck to mud which it had rolled in to cool itself.

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