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Artist’s portrait in blood

Ted Lawson portrait in own blood

A fearless tech expert has taken the world’s goriest selfie after creating a life-size portrait of himself made entirely of his own BLOOD.

Ted Lawson, 44, spent eight hours hooked up to a machine which is usually used for 3D printing which he had reprogrammed to draw a life-size portrait of his naked body using his blood as ink.

Mr Lawson used a CNC – or computer numerically controlled machine – situated in his Brooklyn studio to create his startling selfie.

He said: “I consulted a phlebotomist before I attempted the portrait. It was a risky thing to do and I didn’t have all the correct training to do it myself. When I was hooked up I was aided by assistants as well.

“I got dizzy and nauseous a few times, although I couldn’t tell if it was from the blood loss or from sheer boredom – it’s a very long process to undertake.

“Pain and discomfort comes with doing something like this but if you are very focussed on the result it makes it bearable.”

The resulting image, depicting Mr Lawson nude, measures four feet by eight feet.

He said: “I’m not a huge fan of self portraits, and I’m certainly no exhibitionist, but the idea was too good to pass up.”

Mr Lawson claims his self-portrait examines the rise of “selfie culture” and how people are becoming closer to technology.

He said: “I believe a historical moment is approaching, or perhaps it has already arrived, where man and machinery will begin to merge.

“It’s also about how we live in a culture of narcissism, where everybody takes selfies of themselves on a near daily basis.

“It’s a portrait for the internet age, focussing on how the technology we use is so closely connected to how we perceive ourselves that we are becoming inseparable from it.”

Mr Lawson’s finished portrait is currently on its way to Miami Basel art gallery where it will be put on display next week.

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