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Autumn red squirrels

Red squirrel autumn

Squirrels across the UK have begun stocking up on extra nuts as the temperature is set to plummet.

These red squirrels, photographed on the Black Isle, near Inverness, Scotland, were pictured this week caching hazelnuts, suggesting that a long, cold winter is ahead of us.

Every autumn squirrels gather food and hide it in trees or underground so they have a source to rely on when food is scarce.

Photographer James Moore, 42, said the squirrels he photographed seemed to be storing extra nuts this year, indicating that we may be in for a particularly cold winter.

He said: “Their behaviour seems different this autumn – they are usually a lot calmer about their gathering.

“This year they seem to be in a hurry. They cache, then repeat. You need to be fast to get a good shot of them.”

Mr Moore, who photographed the mammals from his custom-built hide, hid hazelnuts among fallen leaves for the squirrels to find.

He said: “They’re great to watch. I often just sit back and enjoy their antics without taking any pictures.

“Each squirrel has its own unique features. They are starting to grow winter coats now and their ear tufts. They look very cute.”

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