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Baby otter triplets

Baby otter cubs

Can you tell one from an-otter? Adorable otter triplets have been born at Newquay Zoo.

These Asian short-clawed otter cubs have been revealed in public for the first time, to the delight of visitors.

The baby otters, who live with their mother in a nesting area, are brought out to meet their fans for regular grooming sessions.

Zoo director Stewart Muir said: “The cubs are impossibly cute so we do hope people will come along and watch their progress over the next few weeks.”

The Asian short-clawed otter is the smallest otter species in the world. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has classed them as vulnerable due to hunting, pollution and ongoing habitat destruction.

They are often used by Chinese fishermen who train them to direct fish into their nets.

Mr Muir said: “Asian short-clawed otters are incredibly social animals, compared with other otter species, so visitors will be able to watch how the cubs’ siblings play an active role in teaching them how to cope in the strange new world outside the nest.”

The baby otters, who were born in September, are expected to be introduced to the waters in the zoo’s Oriental Garden enclosure in the coming future, where they will join the other 19 members of their group and receive swimming lessons from their parents.

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