Bridesmaid weight loss

Bridesmaid weight loss transformation eight stone

A student who refused to be a bridesmaid at her aunt’s wedding because she was too fat has lost EIGHT stone.

At 21 stone and a size 26, Gemma Wright, 21, was horrified when her aunt asked her to be bridesmaid at her wedding in May 2013.

Mortified at the thought of waddling down the aisle, the mother-of-one refused and attended as a guest instead, covering up in a long-sleeved dress and standing at the back of the church.

As she watched her aunt exchange her wedding vows, Miss Wright made a vow of her own – and went on to lose an amazing eight stone through diet and exercise.

Miss Wright, of Liverpool, said: “I had to cover up in a black, floaty dress with sleeves and spent the day gazing at the beautiful outfits that the other guests were wearing.

“As I watched aunt Cathy exchange her vows, I promised myself I was going to change.

“My aunt’s wedding was the happiest day of her life – and a real turning point in mine.”

Miss Wright, a criminology student, first piled on the pounds after giving birth to her son Lennon in June 2012.

Miss Wright said: “It’s hard being a new mother – I had to feeding my son and getting him to sleep with keeping myself well fed.

“In the end I let my diet slip. It was easier to grab whatever food was around than to watch what I ate.

“I would eat whenever I had a spare moment, which meant I crammed my mouth full of crisps and chocolate.”

Soon Miss Wright tipped the scales at a staggering 21st 3lbs and hid her hulking frame in drab size 26 clothes.

In late 2012 she was asked by her aunt if she would be her bridesmaid alongside her younger cousins.

Miss Wright said: “We talked about it forever – but I was not comfortable walking down the aisle the size I was.

“I begged Cathy to let just my younger cousins do it.

“She didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable in a bridesmaids dress – so I stood at the back with my son in a black dress.

“I was the biggest person at the wedding. There were friends and relatives I hadn’t seen in years and they were not used to seeing me at the size I was. They still remembered me as a cute little girl.”

On the evening of the wedding Miss Wright logged into Facebook and stared with envy at a friend’s dramatic weight loss.

Staring at her own flabby reflection Miss Wright messaged her asking for tips on how to lose weight.

She said: “I knew I needed to change – it was ridiculous that I couldn’t be my aunts bridesmaid because I was too fat.

“My friend sent me a custom meal plan she had drawn up. I decided to get my own diet under control.”

Determined Miss Wright ditched fried breakfasts and fatty takeaways for fresh vegetables, lean meat and fish.

Before she overhauled her diet Miss Wright tucked into a full English breakfast, half a pizza for lunch and a takeaway chicken jalfrezi with rice, chips, samosas and spring rolls. Throughout the day she would snack on crisps, chocolate, ice cream and cookies.

Now Miss Wright eats porridge for breakfast, a tuna salad for lunch and a Weight Watchers lasagne with salad for dinner. Throughout the day she snacks on Alpen bars, Rivita and apples.

She started working out at home to exercise videos. Four months later Miss Wright joined the gym and started attending four times a week.

Miss Wright lost a whopping eight stone – she now weighs 13st and is a healthy size 14.

She said: “I used to struggle to walk upstairs and I always had terrible back ache and joint ache. I hated not being able to play with my baby without getting out of breath.

“I can now fit into all the slim dresses I used to wear before I was fat – I feel absolutely incredible.”

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