Bullet photo gadget

Tomato exploding shot by a BB pellet

This machine can stop bullets mid-air.

Tech company Vela Labs has launched a new strobe light which allows standard cameras to take photos 1,000 times faster than normal – so fast that it can clearly photograph ball bearings in mid-flight.

Previously, such clarity could only be achieved through the use of expensive, high-voltage systems.

Vela Labs’ rig, named the Vela One, captures moments which last just two millionths of a second and costs £400, putting it within reach of amateur photographers.

Vela Labs founder Matthew Kane, 35, said: “At that speed, you can see things that are just impossible for the human eye to recognise.

“If you splat a grape at two millionths of a second, you can see the way that it uncurls the skin around it.”

The Vela One strobe enables amateur photographers to take high speed photographs with even an entry-level DSLR camera.

Mr Kane said: “The reason you need a super-fast flash is because there is no way that you can find a shutter speed fast enough to snap a bullet.

“A normal bullet will travel seven metres in a millisecond, so there is normally no way you can take a photo of a bullet because it will just appear blurred.

“The way that we do it is by using a slower shutter speed and a faster flash which simply freezes the image of a bullet in mid-air.

“The Vela One is a hundred times faster than any normal flash that you can buy on the market and means that amateur photographers can take photos of things that are going three times the speed of sound.”

“Although I’ve only actually photographed air gun pellets, I can guarantee that it can capture real bullets because I’ve accurately measured the speed of the flash.

Mr Kane, of Bristol, is looking to market his product online and has already received interest from distributors in the USA, Canada and South Korea.

Mr Kane said: “This product will cost the same as a new lens for your camera and will mean that you will be able to take beautiful photos that very few people have been able to take before.

“The current technology used for this kind of photography is based around high-voltage lighting. Using such equipment is incredibly dangerous. People can get killed.

“I’m excited to see what kind of pictures people are going to come up with. I think that people are going to come up with amazing things.”

The Vela One Kickstarter campaign will end on 19th December and, if all goes to plan, the product will be ready for shipment in May 2015.

More high resolution pictures are available on request. To discuss rates for using pictures and copy, contact news editor Tom Knight on 07815 004413 or tom@medavia.co.uk.


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