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Bullet strike photographs

Bullet hits plexiglass

These pictures show the explosive beauty unleashed when a bullet hits its target.

Deborah Bay, a professional photographer, recorded the grisly, dazzling effect of a bullet strike on plexiglass.

She said: “It’s difficult to look at the images without giving some thought to what happens when bullets hit muscle and bone.

“As I was researching this topic, I found it very difficult to read ballistics studies about a bullet’s stopping power without having a pit in my stomach.

“There’s a dissonance in the images as the eye is seduced by the imagery, while the brain is processing the potential for horror.”

Ms Bay enlisted the help of trained professionals at a firing range who shot bullets into inch-thick plexiglass.

She said: “I took a shooting lesson at a local firing range. It was incredibly nerve-wracking to hear the gunfire all around, and it also was quickly apparent that I had no aptitude for hitting the target, so I knew someone else would have to do the firing.

“Anytime you’re handling weapons, there is always the possibility of a ricochet or an accidental discharge. I was glad to be able to work with professionals who are experts at handling firearms.”

Ms Day said her photos have made her think about the impact of gun culture in her home state of Texas, USA.

She said: “I started thinking about the pervasiveness of guns as cultural symbols, and their enduring role as part of the American heritage.

“This seems particularly relevant in Texas, where I live. There are an estimated 51 million firearms – two guns for every man, woman and child – in the state.”

More high resolution pictures are available on request. To discuss rates for using pictures and copy, contact news editor Tom Knight on 07815 004413 or tom@medavia.co.uk.

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