Cabbage soup slimmer

Cabbage soup diet before and after results

A teenager got so fed up with strangers bullying her on the street over her weight that she dropped FIVE dress sizes.

Nursery worker, Laura Frankham, 19, reached her heaviest weight at 16st and wore size 20 clothing after years of thoughtless binge-eating due to boredom and self-esteem issues.

In a bid to beat the bulge Miss Frankham, of Burnley, lost five stone – shrinking down from a size 20 to size 10, in just a year.

She said: “I lived on a diet of crisps, chocolate and other sugary snacks. Sometimes I ate two dinners a night – I would eat at my friend’s house and then go home and eat another dinner which my mum had made.

“It got really out of control.”

After being taunted at school and shouted at in the streets Laura realised it was time to trim away the pounds.

She said: “People at school would call me fatty, fat b****, fat f***. When strangers in the streets would join in, that’s when I realised I needed to lose weight.”

Miss Frankham was so miserable with her weight that she hid herself away.

She said: “I was really self conscious and had little confidence. I started to become a recluse – I’d get invited to parties but I wouldn’t go because I was so unhappy with my weight.”

“I used to eat huge portions of food packed with carbs and cheese – I loved to eat the fat off meat as well – that was a big thing for me.”

Before beginning her weight loss regime in the autumn of 2012 Miss Frankham typically ate bacon sandwiches for breakfast, meat-packed sandwiches and sugary snacks for lunch and would often dine on two hearty home cooked meals, such as shepherd’s pie with cheese, for dinner.

She would snack on multipacks of crisps and sweets throughout the day.

Miss Frankham kickstarted her weight loss by braving the cabbage soup diet – an eating regime which requires followers to eat nothing but cabbage soup for a week.

The diet, which is designed to help shed fat fast, saw Laura lose half a stone in her first week of battling the bulge. She steadily lost up to four pounds a week, helped by regular sessions on her Wii Fit system.

After coming off the cabbage diet she enjoyed cereal for breakfast, fruit and yoghurt for lunch and chicken, veg and potatoes for her evening meal. When she snacks she sticks to fresh fruit.

She said: “I stopped eating chocolate, crisps and potatoes for quite a while and started to eat veg and healthy light meat.”

By September 2013 Miss Frankham had dropped a slimming five stone. She currently weighs 10st 8lb – she and no longer plagued by her low self-esteem.

She said: “I feel so much happier now that I’ve lost the weight – I’m a lot more confident and I enjoy a much healthier social life.

“I plan to lose a little bit more weight – but not too much.”

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