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Celebrity bread photo series

Celebrity bread photo series

An animator has turned famous people into baked goods for a bizarre and hilarious photo series.

Adam Malamut, 31, has transformed well-known figures, including Barack Obama, Rhianna and even Osama Bin Laden, into various types of bread, giving them pun-filled names like Sourdoughbama, Ryehanna and Osama Bun Laden.

The photoshop shenanigans to create Mr Malamut’s “celebreadies” are proving the most popular bakery-based internet sensation since breaded cats.

Mr Malamut, of San Francisco, who runs a growing Tumblr blog, said he enjoyed nothing more than seeing famous faces disguised as wheaty treats.

He said: “I thought it would be funny to photoshop bread onto celebrity’s faces – and then decided to make an entire joke blog out of it.

“I had a bunch of friends who had some really popular niche Tumblrs – so I wanted to make a parody one.”

The blog now has more than 10,500 followers.

He said: “About a month after I started it,it blew up. I was really surprised.”

To see Mr Malamut’s celebreadies, visit breadpeople.tumblr.com.

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