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Chameleon colour change

Chameleon turns green cameoflage

A photographer captured an incredibly detailed picture of a chameleon as it changed its skin colour to a brilliant green to blend into jungle foliage.

This extreme close-up of a chameleon showcases its camouflage skills as it blends seamlessly into the bright green jungle behind it.

The lizard was photographed by Bhavya Joshi, 24, in Gir Sanctuary, Gujarat, India, during the monsoon season last month.

Mr Joshi, of Rajkot, said: “Chameleons are my favorite reptiles and I never had a chance to shoot one – I was driving and I noticed this buddy on the plants by the road.

“I took out my camera and slowly approached, he turned his big eye around 360 degrees but I managed to get some pictures before he scuttled off.”

Chameleons are masters of disguise – many species can change the colour of their skin to better blend in to their environment.

This allows the lizards to hide from potential predators.

Mr Joshi said: “As it is monsoon season the leaves are very green – so when I found this reptile it was already bright green to match its habitat.”

Chameleons also changed their skin colour when the temperature changes and as a way of attracting a mate.

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