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Chameleon jacket design

Chameleon colour change jacket

A design company has invented a jacket which turns its wearer into a “human chameleon”.

The Interacket, a creation of Oslo-based designers Drap og Design, can mimic a chameleon’s ability to change its colour to match the surrounding environment.

The invention relies on colour-sensing pads on the wearer’s palm which send information to LED lights in the Interacket’s sleeves, which then respond by adopting the same colour detected by the pads.

Designer Sven Voldum, 34, said: “The Interacket is part of a new experimental project called ‘animal interactions’, where we try to replicate the unique qualities of a number of different animals.

The jacket’s components, including the colour sensor and LED strip, were all selected with help from members of the public and are powered by a nine volt battery.

The coat is not currently for sale but Drap og Design is currently looking into making a small-scale marketable version in response to numerous requests.

Mr Voldum said the company will continue to explore concepts of wearable technology inspired by the animal kingdom.

He said: “We are specifically looking at how bats navigate with sonar, how elephants have such a broad hearing range, and the shrimp’s ability to see the full colour spectrum.”

Drag og Design was launched in August 2014 by four graduates who graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

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