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Churchill fan’s election plans

Churchill impersonator Gerry George

Britain’s most fanatical Winston Churchill admirer says the wartime Prime Minister would wipe the floor with today’s professional politicians and has announced he is considering running as an MP to prove it.

Gerry George, 76, a professional actor and Churchill impersonator, said he would run as an MP to show that the British Bulldog would triumph at the polls in the 21st century, despite Jeremy Paxman voicing that Churchill would fail in today’s political climate.

Mr George, of Hanwell in west London, said: “I couldn’t believe it when Paxman told everyone that if Churchill was put up for Parliament today, he would have few takers.

“Like Churchill, I talk Turkey. If Paxo believes this, then he wants stuffing.

“To hear him describe Churchill as a charlatan – that’s a scandal. If running for parliament in Churchill’s honour is what it would take to remind people of what a great man and what a powerful political force he was, then I’m ready to do it.”

Mr George was born in the shadow of the Churchill family home at Blenheim Palace, and in adulthood developed a deep interest in Britain’s greatest Prime Minister. As a working actor, has made several public appearances as him at events and on television.

He said a politician like Churchill would restore pride in Great Britain and remind today’s politicians what true public service looks like.

The 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death falls on Saturday (JAN 24).

Mr George said: “Winnie was a man of the people, who worked for and saved the people. He is as inspirational a figure as St George.

“Today’s politicians just work for themselves. They’re more interested in visiting the members’ bar and slapping each other on the back. That way of behaving carries no honour.

“If Churchill was to stand today the entire electorate, across the political spectrum, would vote for him because he was in complete opposition to that style of politics.

“He save the country’s bacon during the war. There are lots of lessons we can learn from him. To suggest that he would sink like a stone is complete nonsense.”

Mr George said that to preserve Churchill’s honour he would be prepared to run against his local long-standing MP, Labour politician Stephen Pound, and would not fear going toe-to-toe with the top tier of the Conservative party, which Churchill led from 1940 to 1955.

He said: “Stephen is a friend of mine. I’m not judgemental. I regard people on their merits. But I am also well-liked around here locally, from all sections of the community.

“I would stand as an independent. I believe that if Churchill stood today, he would be independent too. He doesn’t have much in common with the modern-day Conservative party.”

Mr George added that Churchill would have wise counsel to offer today’s House of Commons.

He said: “We need a strong national defence. Iran is very well equipped, and I fear they have atomic weapons already.

“We need the girls and boys in the forces desperately – we need a bigger air force and we don’t have enough ships.

“As for David Cameron, he needs to remember the art of getting up on the soap box and talking to people. It’s not enough to get in front of a camera and speak into a microphone – you need to connect with people.”

Writing in the Radio Times this week, Jeremy Paxman said: “Any rounded assessment of Winston Churchill’s life has to acknowledge that he was a ruthless egotist, a chancer, and a charlatan at times. Would he be electable now? I fear not.”

The General Election will be held on May 7th 2015.

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