Cloud perspective photos

Cloud perspective illusion, dragon blowing smoke

A vehicle painter has his head in the clouds now his playful pictures, which use false perspective to make it appear as if he is able to manipulate the weather, have gained him more than 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Markus Einspannier, 34, has gathered a large online following thanks to a series of photos in which he poses in front of clouds, often using everyday objects to convey playful and imaginative narratives.

Mr Einspannier said: “I think everyone has at some point looked up at the sky and made out shapes – a heart shape, for instance, or an animal. It’s fascination I’ve always had and still do to this day.

Mr Einspannier began using clouds to create false perspective photographs after he got his first polaroid camera age 13.

He said: “The first item I used was a little toy dragon. I had the idea while on a trip with my parents to Berlin. I watched the clouds out the window and tried to make out shapes using just my imagination.”

The photo series, titled #UseTheClouds, contains of a mix of false perspective photography and digitally altered shots.

He said: “The majority of the photos are just tricks of perspective and usually take several attempts to capture, but I have to edit some of the more complex photos with my iPhone to perfect the illusion.

“I usually come up with idea for a photo pretty spontaneously. I see something lying around that I can use or just spot a cool shape in the clouds. It does not take long for me to combine the two.”

Mr Einspannier, of Heinsberg in northwestern Germany, joined Instagram in 2013 and within the space of a year amassed over 20,000 followers.

He said: “When I joined Instagram my niece told me I should photograph everything, even the sky. Suddenly my memories of childhood came flooding back to me and I remembered my old passion again.

“I was surprised when I hit the 20,000 mark. I never expected that. The Instagram team showcased my work and overnight I jumped from 3,000 to 20,000 followers.

“I’m really proud I got the chance for so many people get to see my work and it’s become a great distraction from the stress of everyday life.”

Mr Einspannier believes that his photography has rekindled his sense of childhood wonder and hopes it will have the same effect on his Instagram followers.

He said: “I want to push the power of imagination to the next level with my Instagram Account. We live in a busy world, and its wonderful to use your imagination to escape for a while.

“I love that I get to share my vision and make people smile, even if it’s just for a moment when they stare down at their phone.

“We should hold on to our imagination no matter what form it comes in. Without it we are lost. Every child has that sense of imagination and we can learn a lot from them.”

To see more of Mr Einspannier’s photography visit:

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