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Clownfish babies

Clownfish eggs

A photographer captured intimate pictures of a father clownfish caring for his babies, in scenes reminiscent of the hit Disney Pixar film Finding Nemo.

Just like Marlin, Nemo’s caring father in the 2003 animated film, this male clownfish is determined to protect his young.

These close-up underwater photographs show a male clownfish in Egypt guarding his unhatched eggs.

Photographer Raffaele Livornese, 44, captured the stunning shots while swimming off the coast of Sharm El Sheikh in the Red Sea at a depth of 15 metres.

Mr Livornese, of Formia, Italy, said: “The fish seemed to caress the eggs with his fins.

“I was looking for some barracuda to photograph, but I had not had much luck. At some point my wife made me a sign to me saying that she had found something interesting.

“I approached her and she showed me the clownfish who was taking care of the eggs. I’m very pleased with the shots.”

Male clownfish typically guard the eggs rather than the female. The expectant father will fan the eggs to aerate them and remove any dirt which settles.

The male cares for the eggs for six to ten days. The spawn usually hatches during the full moon. Studies have shown that eggs develop more rapidly when fanned properly by the protective father.

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