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Coffee cup dating advert

Coffee cup dating advert

Things are getting steamy! A woman has printed her internet dating profile onto coffee cups at her local cafe in the hope of finding a man who is just her cup of tea.

Unlucky-in-love Lynne Adams, 37, found dating in the run-up to Christmas to be a grind.

Desperate to find herself a date, the coffee-loving singleton enlisted the help of her local coffee shop who agreed to print her picture and basic information on 1,000 coffee cups and hand them out to eligible bachelors.

Miss Adams, of Glasgow, said: “I hadn’t been taking my online dating very seriously. I work very hard and I go to the gym a lot, so I never have any time.

“I decided to be a bit more proactive with my online dating and stop waiting for love to happen.

“I do most of my dating in coffee shops, so I thought this would be the best way to find a man who shares my love of coffee.”

Miss Adams hopes the stunt will steer eligible bachelors towards her profile.

The special coffee cups, which are in use at Cup coffee shop in Glasgow, also include her name, age and interests, as well as her picture.

Cappuccinos even come complete with a stencil of Miss Adam’s face on the frothy top.

Baristas at the coffee shop have been instructed to hand the 12oz cups out to any single men looking for a date.

Coffee-lovers who like the look of Miss Adams can use a custom URL to click through to her online dating profile.

Miss Adams, who works in finance in Edinburgh, said: “This whole things sums me up – I’m quite a quirky person.

“If you are a bit busy like me then you can do your dating in a coffee shop – you don’t need to spend hours getting dressed to meet someone in a bar who you may not get on with.

“I’ve had a really good response so far – a few men see the coffee cups as a conversation starter if nothing else.”

Paul Reynolds, owner of Cup, said: “We often see people in here on first dates and we are thrilled that we can hopefully find Lynne that special someone.

“The run-up to Christmas is always a magical time and we’re hoping that we’ll see some sparks fly from this activity”

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