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Couple’s sand sculptures

Roman colosseum sand sculpture

Now that’s what you call a sandcastle! A husband-and-wife team use sand to create amazing sculptures ranging from detailed statues to mockups of the Roman Colosseum.

Martijn Rijerse and his wife Hanneke Supply spend up to 12 days building the spectacular pieces which are destined to crumble back into the beach once the crowds of spectators leave.

Mr Rijerse, 40, of Rotterdam, said: “I’ve seen sculptors experienced in other materials such as marble, or clay, struggle at first when they try sand.

“It means a lot to me when spectators are so impressed with the pieces that they forget it is just sand they’re looking at.”

Their sculptures have included extremely detailed castles, sculptures of Julius Caesar and Anne Frank, and a massive sand Colosseum which the couple produced in collaboration with a group of other artists.

When planning a new piece, the couple test out ideas by drawing them and creating test pieces in clay. They will then use wooden boxes to mix the sand with water before compressing it. Their pieces have appeared in locations as diverse as beaches and shopping centres.

Mr Rijerse said: “We only use special river sand because the grains are still angular and mixed with clay. Beach sand is too rounded.”

The pair use shovels, trowels, brushes, combs, spoons and forks to shape the work.

Mr Rijerse said: “Our ideas come from our experiences abroad, looking at sculptures we admire and thinking of ways to challenge ourselves in concept, design and execution.

“Of course you can’t help being inspired by our fellow sculptors, because their work is always around us, but we definitely strive for originality each time.”

The couple have crafted sculptures across the world including pieces in Portugal, Holland, Denmark and Australia as well as London, Brighton and Liverpool in the UK.

View more of the couple’s work at:

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