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Cross trainer weight loss

126lb weight loss

A sales director lost NINE STONE by covering the equivalent of the distance across America on a cross trainer.

Stuart Marshall, 35, was 19st 2lb before he ‘travelled’ almost 3,000 miles on the piece of home exercise equipment.

He made the decision to lose weight after being embarrassed by an unflattering photograph of him and his wife taken at her graduation ball.

Mr Marshall, of Daventry in Northamptonshire, said: “When I saw the developed photograph, I was horrified that I had let myself get into that state. All of a sudden I had a crisis in my head.

“It’s amazing to think I covered the width of the states. Using the cross trainer has changed my life completely.”

Growing up Mr Marshall always had trouble with his weight but it was not until he moved in with Emma, 36, who is now his wife, that the weight really piled on.

He said: “I got a bit too comfortable in the relationship – soon I found myself spending most nights at home snacking in front of the TV.

“I was having far too much dessert and I would also spend too much time at the burger van which pulls up outside of my office.”

By 2006 Mr Marshall was at his heaviest weight and his health had deteriorated to the point where he would get out of breath after short periods of exertion.

It was not until he attended his wife’s graduation ball later that year that he realised how far he had let himself go.

He said: “My wife graduated from doing a teaching degree at university and there was a fancy ball to celebrate, where women wore dresses and men wore tuxedos.

“We had an official photo taken and when it was developed I was so embarrassed by what I saw that I knew I had to do something about my weight.”

His wife bought a cross trainer for them both to use at home and Mr Marshall began to use the machine for an hour each day.

He said: “I watched TV while I used it and soon found I could comfortably cover 12 miles in my hour of exercise.

“I was surprised that I could keep it up, but I found that day after day the workout got easier and easier as I got fitter.

“By eight months later I had covered 2992 miles on the cross trainer.”

In total, Mr Marshall covered the distance from Virginia Beach in Virginia on the east coast to San Jose in California on the west coast.

To help his weight loss, Mr Marshall also cut snacks out of his diet and no longer eats desserts.

Before beginning his weight loss, he typically ate cereal for breakfast but would follow this with a hot dog or burger for lunch. For dinner he would often eat sausage and mash and have large chocolate desserts. He would also snack on white chocolate bars throughout the day.

Today, he typically has the same cereal for his breakfast but for lunch he will have healthy tuna salad sandwiches on gluten free bread. For dinner he now tucks into lean meat bolognese. If he wants to snack, he will have a banana.

Now Mr Marshall weighs 10st 2lbs, having lost exactly nine stone. He has also slimmed from a 40- to a 30-inch waist. He used the best waist trainer for men, to really help him get rid of the fat around his abs and hips.

He said: “It was a big shock to Emma that I lost so much weight. She still shows people the photo of me at the graduation ball as I don’t think people believe her.

“Some people don’t recognise me if they haven’t seen me for a while as I look so different. I’ve lost almost half of my bodyweight.

“Thinking that I have covered the distance across America is so impressive, it’s definitely something to be proud of.

“My life is much better now I have lost the weight – I can be a lot more active.”

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