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Crusoe’s Christmas outfits

Crusoe celebrity dachshund Christmas outfits

Dachshund through the snow! A sausage dog is winning fans all over the world with his variety of Christmas costumes.

Dog lover Ryan Beauchesne, 27, dressed his adorable pooch, named Crusoe, in a variety of handmade festive outfits.

Over the past three years Crusoe, a four-year-old dachshund, has become a bona fide celebrity thanks to Mr Beauchesne’s blog, where the mutt can be seen in a variety of amusing costumes.

Mr Beauchesne, of Ottawa in Canada, said: “Crusoe gets very excited around Christmas. He absolutely loves to unwrap presents. He operates under the assumption that every present is for him.”

For the festive season this year Crusoe, who has a fine selection of snug jumpers, was dressed as Father Christmas and a chef to cook Christmas dinner. His half-brother Oakley, who lives with Mr Beauchesne’s parents, made an appearance as an elf.

Mr Beauchesne said Crusoe will be receiving squeaky toys under the tree this year.

He said: “A week before Christmas last year he found some presents which my mum had wrapped and opened every single one – mum was not too happy.

“When Christmas day comes, he has to be restrained, because he starts opening and ripping apart every present under the tree.

“Even when there’s a gift sitting in someone else’s lap, he’ll start biting at the corners.

“If someone wants some help opening a gift all they have to do is point at their present and Crusoe will come running.”

Crusoe also had to be restrained by his owner while posing with a Christmas turkey for a recent photo shoot.

Mr Beauchesne said: “He loves turkey and any other sort of succulent meat, so getting him to pose next to the turkey wasn’t easy. Stopping him from taking a bite was the hard part.”

Mr Beauchesne said his stylish pup is always willing to try on a new outfit as he had to get used to wearing coats during the cold Canadian winters.

He said: “Crusoe was potty-trained in -30 degree celsius weather, so snow is second nature to him.

“He’s been wearing winter coats since he was a puppy to cope with the cold. Costumes don’t bother him.

“We put him in some nice warm coats specifically made for dachshunds which help him endure our longer walks in the snow.

“He will snow shoe with us, cross-country ski, and even downhill ski – he is quite the trooper.”

To see Crusoe in other costumes visit Mr Beauchesne’s blog at

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