Crystal ice caves

Ice cave under Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland

These striking photographs show inside the crystal ice caves that lie deep beneath Europe’s largest glacier.

Julien Ratel, 33, visited the mesmerizing world beneath the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland and captured these incredible images.

He said: “I’ve been to numerous places in Iceland. I’ve experienced long jeep trips and flown over a live volcano. Visiting the ice caves was one of the remaining dreams for me.”

The glacier’s caverns were formed when melt water reacted with the ice flow. The caves are constantly moving and changing shape.

Mr Ratel, of Reykjavik, chose the cave to explore carefully, as many of the larger ones are dangerously unstable.

He said: “We took safety equipment and extra lighting with us, just in case the cave was too dark, but the natural light was perfect.

“I managed to explore the whole cave – I was mesmerised by the reflections”

Mr Ratel says he was very happy with how the shots turned out and hopes to visit again soon.

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