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Deer rutting season

Rutting season deer

Roar power – British deer bellow at each other as rutting season continues in the spectacular grounds of Woburn Abbey.

During October and November rival stags in the countryside surrounding the estate in Bedfordshire fight for the attention of females by making ferocious noises and clashing antlers.

Mike Jordan, 26, ventured out before sunrise to photograph the roaring red stags.

Mr Jordan, of Northampton, said: “We saw the stags emerge from the fog and approach the females just as the sun was rising.

“Every few minutes one of them would let out a massive roar – it was like nothing I have ever heard.”

Mr Jordan, who photographed the deer on Sunday (OCT 12), used a long lens to capture images of the impressive creatures from a distance.

He said: “I couldn’t get too close because they are pretty aggressive during rutting season.

“A few times one of the males would spot me and bow his head showing me his antlers. It was his way of saying ‘look at me, I’m bigger than you.’”

Dave Goffin, from the British Deer Society, said: “The males can become more aggressive during the rutting season and less tolerant of other males.

“They can also get less tolerant of humans as well. This is a time to enjoy one of nature’s finest spectacles as the stags bellow and roar competing for a mate.

“But make sure you keep a safe distance and ensure that you have a good exit strategy if they do get overly aggressive.”

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