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Dog’s cancer recovery

Gluta dog cancer recovery

A student has melted hearts around the world with his story of how he saved a dog from the streets, nursed it through cancer, and made her part of his family.

Sorasart Wisetsin, 25, found eight-year-old Gluta running around his university dormitory the pair soon became firm friends.

He said: “I saved her from my dormitory’s security – they were trying to kick her out of the building. I couldn’t stand to see Gluta on the streets. ”

Filmmaker Mr Wisetsin, of Prathumthani in Thailand, kept Gluta in his room and spoiled her rotten.

But after a few months, Gluta became very sick. A trip to the vets revealed that she was suffering from cervical cancer.

Mr Wisetsin said: “I couldn’t afford to pay for her treatment, but I was determined to save her. In the end my friend helped me cover the bills.”

Mr Wisetsin accompanied Gluta to her treatment sessions which included chemotherapy and laser surgery.

Today, Gluta is a happy and healthy canine, thanks to her new best friend.

Mr Wisetsin’s pictures of Gluta are now becoming increasingly popular online.

Mr Wisetsin said: “People all over the world are asking me how Gluta is doing. It’s touching to know that so many people care. I’m just relieved she’s okay now.”

You can keep upto date with Gluta’s story on her Facebook page at:

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