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Dog’s Hallowe’en outfit

Crusoe dresses up fireman

Revellers struggling to come up with a costume for this years Halloween can take inspiration from Crusoe, a four-year-old dachshund who enjoys dressing up in a variety of ghoulish costumes.

Crusoe’s owner Ryan Beauchesne, 27, styled his pooch in dozens of handmade outfits which include a werewolf, Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula – proving that his bite really is worse than his bark.

Mr Beauchesne, of Ottawa, Canada, said: “I try to tell people that they should be scared of Crusoe when he’s dressed as a vampire, but they say he’s too cute.”

Over the past three years Crusoe has become a bona fide celebrity thanks to Mr Beauchesne’s blog where the mutt can be seen in a variety of amusing costumes.

The stylish pup has also dressed up as an airplane, Batman and as a fireman.

Mr Beauchesne, a web developer, said: “The fame has gone straight to his head. I think his ego’s bigger than he is now.

“Whenever he gets into a costume he starts posing. I have even taught him to pose on command. I started this blog as a hobby and people love it. It’s really exciting.”

For Halloween this year, Mr Beauchesne and his girlfriend Laurence Dionne, 26, will be attending a party along with Crusoe dressed in his Frankenstein costume.

“Last year we all dressed as the people from Duck Dynasty,” said Mr Beauchesne.

“This year we have now plans for a joint costume – it’s hard to compete with Crusoe.”

In some pictures Crusoe stars alongside his half-brother Oakley, who lives with Mr Beauchesne’s parents. Oakley played the part of Robin alongside Crusoe’s Batman and he also dressed up as a fire engine.

Mr Beauchesne said: “Oakley is the goofy one of the pair – he’s always confused by the costumes and bumping into things.

“Crusoe is so used to the process now he sits there and poses while Oakley jumps around.”

To see Crusoe in other costumes visit Mr Beauchesne’s blog at

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