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Facebook weight loss

154lb weight loss results

A mother-of-one logged onto Facebook and lost 11 stone by posting pictures of her progress online.

Jennie Higgins, 26, tipped the scales at a whopping 21 stone after neglecting healthy eating following the birth of her daughter Eva, now four.

Desperate to change, Miss Higgins, of Liverpool, began sharing her weight loss efforts online and, buoyed by the encouragement of social network users, slimmed down to a svelte 11 stone over the course of 18 months. Today, she weighs 10 stone, having shrunk from a size 26 to a size 10.

Miss Higgins posted ‘before and after’ pictures on Facebook as she lost each stone.

She said the encouragement she received from her friends and family kept her diet and exercise regime in check.

She said: “It is an amazing feeling, going from being severely overweight to being this slim. I love how confident I feel. I can go to the gym in a pair of yoga pants and I look great.

“I can go into shops and fit into whatever I want because I know I will look good in it.”

Miss Higgins struggled with her weight from an early age. At 13 years old she weighed in at a chubby 15 stone.

In March 2010 Miss Higgins gave birth to her daughter Eva, after which controlling her weight became an even more daunting challenge.

She said: “I never had the confidence to go out. I prefered nights in, in front of the telly, with a takeaway.

“I’d blow £30 at the chippy, buy a pile of sausages, spring rolls and three portions of chips, and scoff the lot myself.

“I would eat anything. There was nothing stopping me from just eating and eating.”

Before losing weight Miss Higgins typically ate a sausage and egg breakfast muffin with two hash browns in the morning, a chicken mayonnaise baguette for lunch, and takeaway rice, chips, sausages, curry, prawn crackers and noodles for her evening meal. She would snack on chocolate bars throughout the day.

After deciding to take control of her diet, she asked a nutritionist to help draw up a tailored meal plan.

She began typically eating porridge for breakfast, wholewheat chicken salad wraps for lunch, and salmon with steamed vegetables for evening meals. She also started regular trips to the gym, after which she would enjoy protein shakes.

After two weeks of healthy eating Miss Higgins was amazed to discover she had lost a stone.

After losing a further three stone, she had the confidence to post a ‘before and after’ picture on her Facebook page.

She said: “I was amazed to be bombarded with compliments from the online community. They really encouraged me to keep going.

“As the weight fell away I began posting pictures every month. Even total strangers sent me messages asking me how I’d done it.

“The support was amazing – and I felt like I owed it to my followers to keep going.”

After 18 months Miss Higgins hit her target weight of 11 stone. She shrunk down from a gigantic size 26 to a slinky size 10. She lost a further stone by weight-lifting, resulting in an impressive total weight loss of 11 stone.

Miss Higgins has now launched a new Facebook weight loss group, entitled ‘Jennie New You’, in the hope that she can encourage others to shed the pounds using the social network.

“I never imagined turning on my computer would help me get my dream body,” she said.

“I was so inspired by my success that I’ve now set up a weight loss group on Facebook. I encourage others to regularly upload their ‘before and after’ photos, just like I did.

“It has around 1,000 members already. I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to give something back.”

More high resolution pictures are available on request. To discuss rates for using pictures and copy, contact news editor Tom Knight on 07815 004413 or tom@medavia.co.uk.


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