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Fashion cat photos

Cat dressed up in outfits

An Irish photographer is turning his household moggy into the cream of the fashion world by taking pictures of him in fetching outfits.

Jason McGroarty, 22, spends his spare time photographing his pretty kitty Hummus dressed up in fashion attire.

The playful project sees seven-year-old Hummus pose as a vampire, geisha and a queen.

Mr McGroarty, of Donegal, says he started the project to help pursue a career in editorial fashion photography.

He said: “Rather than searching for models and sets – I decided to do something more creative and innovative by using Hummus as the subject in my images.

“I research to get inspiration for a theme and create a costume around it each week.”

Mr McGroarty said Hummus gets bored very easily and tends to break things if she does not get her weekly dose of media attention.

“Hummus loves the limelight and is a delight to shoot – people are constantly asking me how I get her to sit so still.

“I tell them, the trick is in the treat – copious amounts of cat treats in fact.”

Mr McGroarty and his partner Karen McDermott, 24, adopted Hummus when she was nine weeks old but she was soon taken ill with feline leukemia.

He said: “She was very poorly and as a result she can’t play outside anymore.

“She leads a happy life at home though – when she’s not on set we play games with her and she chases her favourite toys around for hours.”

You can keep up with the project on Facebook at:

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