First date photo recreation

first date photo recreated

A couple who had a novelty photograph of them taken on their first date when they were teenagers recreated the same picture 20 years later – with a couple of adorable additions.

Mike and Amy MacMillan donned costume from the Old West for a picture on their first date in 1994, when they were 17 and 19 years old. In the years since then, they got married, travelled the world, built their own house and had two sons together.

On the 20th anniversary of the photograph, the pair decided to recreate the scene, with their two sons, who are aged three and five.

Mr MacMillan, 39, said: “On our first date we went to the Clifton Hill amusements in Niagara Falls and we visited all the kitschy fun houses and wax museums.

“We took the first photo spontaneously, having no idea how significant it would be.”

The couple, from Toronto, Canada, got married in 2003. Mrs MacMillan, 37, a drama teacher, is currently expecting their third child.

Mr MacMillan revealed his secrets for a successful first date.

He said: “Everything worthwhile in life comes at the expense of letting your guard down and being yourself.

“The sooner you can skip over the posturing and mind games and be truly honest with each other, the sooner you’ll know if your partner is The One.”

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