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Hats for cats

Cat wearing Christmas hat knitted

Christmas knitwear for PETS is proving to be a moneyspinner for needleworkers on the internet this year.

Meredith Langley, 28, has struck gold with her line of festive headwear – for cats.

She started her line of feline headwear as a hobby, and now produces them as a full-time job, with pieces ranging from around £10 to £20.

She said: “Christmas multiplies my workload tremendously. The demand from customers is at least five to six times greater compared to summer.”

Miss Langley, of South Carolina, who sells the hats from her Etsy shop entitled “iheartneedlework”, cares for orphaned animals as well as looking after her three children.

She said she enjoys charming people with her creations.

She said: “my cat Bullwinkle is the model for the range. People send me photos of their pets wearing the hats I’ve created for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays and photo shoots. I save every one.

“Some customers purchase hats for family Christmas cards every year.”

Miss Langley believes the internet is responsible for the rise in people dressing their pets.

She said: “I share cute photos of animals all the time. People have a greater respect for animals as time goes by. I think it’s a wonderful thing. We regard them as members of the family rather than simply pets.”

Warren Agee, 36, from Chicago, started his pet clothing business almost four years ago from his one-bedroom apartment.

Now the owner and designer of the “My Fabulous Puppy” store has hundreds of products in his range and has been showing off his creations on the catwalk.

He said: “I began getting orders for Christmas as far back as September. Sales increase at least 65 per cent during the holiday season.

“More and more people are seeing their pets as an extension of their family. These products are for them. I have a large base of several regular customers around the world who spend hundreds on their dogs.”

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