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Illuminated bigfin reef squid

bigfin reef squid

Incredible pictures reveal the mesmerising light display put on by squid at night.

These breath-taking pictures show bigfin reef squid in the pitch black Red Sea putting on an extraordinary light show when the sun goes down.

The curious creatures, who are often attracted by divers’ lights at night, can control their rapidly-changing body colours which they use to attract mates.

Underwater photographer Andrey Nekrasov, 42, captured the cephalopods rapidly turning red, blue, green and pink before his eyes.

Mr Nekrasov, of Odessa, Ukraine, said: “It looks like a TV color control button has been pushed – they change colour so quickly.

“The squid do not hide in the reef – they are too big and they are not afraid of my presence.

“That’s why if you meet the bigfin reef squid near a reef, you can follow it in a good distance and contemplate it for quite a long period of time.

“You can watch colors playing on the body of this cephalopod for eternity. It is mesmerising, as if you’re contemplating a fire or waves running towards you.”

The process which allows the 30cm-long squids to change colours is called metachrosis.

The squid can voluntarily control their chromatophores which allows them to rapidly cycle through a variety of bright metallic colours and patterns.

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