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Illustrator’s 3D illusions



An illustrator has used a combination of drawing and photography to create remarkable 3D illusions which leap from the page.

Ramon Bruin, 32, makes creative use of paper, graphite and coloured pencils to produce images which appear to come vividly to life.

Mr Bruin, a professional artist from Alkmaar in Holland, began experimenting with this type of illustration five years ago.

He said: “I discovered this way of drawing by accident. I always found myself drawing when I was younger and experimented with illusions. I liked how they turned out so I took a photograph and shared it online.

“I noticed how the image changed when I changed the angle of my camera. After that I started exploring ways over making the three dimensional effect even more pronounced.”

Mr Bruin always carries a small note book for when inspiration strikes and he is then able to write down or draw what comes to mind.

He said: “When I have an idea. I begin by thinking about the composition and try to visualize the drawing leaping from the page.”

It is then a matter of slowly building the drawing with pencil, using shading techniques to create subtle color gradients with graphite.

He then takes a photograph with the correct angle to get the desired effect. The process is called ‘anamorphic 3D drawing’.

Mr Bruin said: “My wife thinks my artwork is very impressive. She sees me working but it is still hard for her to distinguish whether what I have on the paper is drawn or real.”

“Lots of people love my work. It’s been shared on Twitter and Facebook by millions of people and lots of people visit my exhibitions.”

One of his latest images is entitled ‘The Twins.’ It is an image of two twin boys who appear to laying across the paper, while one of the boys finishes drawing his brother.

‘The Clash’ is a stunning image of dragons fighting each other across the page. The part-use of colour creates the illusion that the dragons are coming to life right before your eyes.

The artistic process is not always easy for Mr Bruin and he sometimes struggles to get exactly what he has in his head down onto paper.

He said: “Sometimes its easy but most of the time it’s very difficult. I have to view the illustrations from a certain angle to make it work.

“This way of drawing sometimes gives me a headache, but the final product is always worth it.”

Mr Bruin is currently working on numerous products and finds that most of his time is taken up with his illustrations.

He said: “I’m currently working on a 3D design which will be printed on soccer balls. These balls will be released in 2016 during the European Championship.

“I am also working on new drawings, because I’ve got an upcoming exhibition in October.”


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