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Kissing snails

Kissing snails on mushroom

A captured an intimate moment between two snails he caught KISSING on top of a mushroom.

The picture seems to show the romantic side of the slow moving mollusc, more commonly associated with munching cabbage and leaving trails of slime than public displays of affection.

The photo was taken by Alberto Panizza, 39, on a bank of the Po river near Novellara, Italy.

Mr Panizza said: “I’ve been taking pictures of insects for almost ten years. I always find them in interesting or funny – they create situations you can’t possibly imagine.

“I love capturing nature and I’m very happy when small insects are seen showing human emotions such as fear, joy, or as in this case, love.”

Mr Panizza photographed the snails on November 22nd by using a Nikon D800e camera equipped with a powerful 200mm micro f/4 lens.

He said: “The picture was taken after spending a couple of hours watching the snails make their way through the grass. You find a lot of snails round there because it’s a nice, moist flood plain.”

Mr Panizza specialises in macro photography, a form of extreme close up photography used to capture miniscule subjects in amazing detail.

He said: “I take macro photos usually two or three times a week. I don’t usually plan the pictures because I never know what I’m going to find while rummaging down by the meadows or ponds where I usually go.”

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