Legend of Zelda proposal

Legend of Zelda proposal

This guy has game! A video game fanatic proposed to his girlfriend by popping the question using a Legend of Zelda-themed treasure hunt.

Lovestruck Harold Smith, 31, decided to propose to his girlfriend of nearly two years Alexis McFarlane, 23, by hiding the ring inside a wooden box styled after Nintendo’s popular adventure video game franchise.

Mr Smith hid a customised engagement ring in a handmade wooden treasure chest, similar to the kind used to hide heart pieces in the Zelda video games.

The romantic gamer hid the box, which played a piece of music when opened, inside a cave and led Miss McFarlane, a Zelda fanatic, to the candlelit cave where he got down on one knee. She said yes.

Mr Smith, of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, said: “I knew I had to marry Lexi. I was positive I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

“She is a big fan of the Zelda games, so I set out to recreate one of the moments from the game where the player opens a chest at the end of a dungeon. The only challenge was trying to make my ‘dungeon’ romantic.”

The pair met working at the same vitamin distribution company. Their office romance quickly blossomed into a relationship and the pair moved in together.

Mr Smith said: “We lived together, worked together in the same department and spent all of our free time together. We kept waiting to get sick of each other, but it never happened.

“I started slowly dropping hints and joking about marrying her to make sure she felt the same way and I found out I was on the right path.”

Mr Smith worked closely with a jeweler to design a custom ring out of alexandrite.

The loved-up amateur craftsman also created the wooden treasure chest out of a tree which the couple had chopped down together at Mr Smith’s parents house.

He said: “We had recently cut down some trees that were fire hazards at my parents’ cabin. I had always wanted to try building something from raw wood.

“Lexi is a huge Zelda nerd. She played it with her dad when she was a little kid – she has the t-shirts and plays the games all the time.

“One of the most iconic moments throughout all the iterations of the game is when you reach the end of a dungeon and open a treasure chest. Light spills out, music plays and you are presented with something very special, often a heart piece to increase your health.

“I began construction of the chest I hope it will become a family heirloom. I had to sneak around to work on it but I managed to finish the project without screwing it up.”

Mr Smith then hid the box, which he had rigged up to play sound effects from the Zelda game when opened, in a cave in Flagstaff, Arizona.

He led his bride-to-be to the location. When she opened the box she found a glass heart inside along with the ring.

Miss McFarlane’s friend was hiding in the cave to capture the moment on camera.

Mr Smith said: “My friend Shawn woke up early and drove to the cave with a bunch of candles, the chest, some warm clothes and a camera.

“We ended up reaching the back of the cave later than expected. By the time we got there my friend was almost frozen solid.

“When we reached the part of the cave with the candles and the chest we approached cautiously and I told her to open the box. While she was distracted by the lights and music I dropped to one knee behind her.

“I had a whole speech planned and rehearsed but completely forgot it in the moment and struggled to say a simple, ‘will you marry me?’.”

The couple plan to get married on July 4th 2015 at Miss McFarlane’s parents home in Michigan.

For their honeymoon the newly married couple are going to backpack across Alaska.

Mr Smith said: “I asked her about a honeymoon and the first words out of her mouth were backpacking in Alaska.”

Miss McFarlane said: “At first I couldn’t understand why Harold was so desperate to explore this cave – but we both went along together.

“As we approached the box surrounded by candles I was a bit worried that some sacrifice or religious ritual was taking place, but then Harold told me to open it.

“I wasn’t expecting him to propose, he’s always surprising me with amazing things. I was overwhelmed, I said ‘yes’ and cried tears of joy.”

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