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Lego brick camera

Lego brick camera

A student has created a tiny working camera out of a LEGO BRICK.

Graphic design student Ryan Howerter, 21, has created a fully functional pinhole camera, which creates tiny photographic prints, housed in the space of a Lego building block.

The Lego fan’s tiny camera takes minuscule black and white photographs measuring one centimetre square.

Mr Howerter, a student at Colorado State University, said: “You can make a pinhole camera out of nearly anything.

“I love Lego – you can do so much with it.”

The Lego camera works by exposing a sheet of photographic paper to light from a tiny pinprick. The paper can then be developed in exactly the same way as a full-size photograph.

The camera, which can be held by a Lego figure, is made of a black two-by-two lego brick, a sheet of brass with a hole in the middle, and is sealed using black tape.

Mr Howerter said: “The pictures are a little bit fuzzy but people are impressed by it.”

Mr Howerter was inspired by a working pinhole camera made from a pine nut. His Lego creation only took 20 minutes to build.

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