Lightening strike illumination

Lightening strike night into day illumination

This amazing picture depicts the exact moment the rain-lashed streets of Chelmsford were illuminated by a lightning strike.

Photographer David Ward, 21, happened to press his shutter button at precisely the same time as a lightning bolt flashed at around 4am turning pitch darkness into broad daylight for a fraction of a second.

Mr Ward of Chelmsford, said: “A storm broke out and there were bright flashes and claps of thunder.

“The rain didn’t look like it was going to slow down so I took out my waterproof mobile phone and
tried to get a shot of the lit-up sky to entertain myself until the rain passed.”

Mr Ward had just left his night job cleaning at a gym and was waiting under cover for the storm to subside when he got the picture.

He said: “It was a lucky press of the button and I managed to capture the shot. I later realised I could have increased the odds with the burst mode on the camera.

“I was quite excited and amazed by the result because everything was lit up as if it was broad daylight.”

Mr Ward took the picture on September 19 2014.

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