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Lightening strike proposal

Proposal struck by lightening

There seems to be a spark between them! Amazing pictures taken to celebrate a couple’s engagement shows them nearly getting struck by LIGHTNING.

Canadian couple Kassandra Sadker and Craig Nichols were photographed holding an umbrella in a field during a storm to celebrate their engagement.

The striking couple, of Edmonton, Canada, were posing for the camera when lightning struck ten kilometres behind them.

The result was a perfectly timed shot of the electrifying moment a bolt of lightning struck behind the pair.

The awe-inspiring moment was captured by photographer Elizabeth Van Der Bij, 36.

She said: “It was a once-in-a-lifetime shot. We wanted to get a picture with the lightning in, but I never thought it would turn out that well.

“When we arrived it was quite a nice day. Soon it started raining, so I grabbed an umbrella which I thought might make a good shot.

“When the storm started we took some more pictures, but it was getting closer so we ran back to the car as soon as we had the perfect shot.”

According to Mrs Van Der Bij the couple were perfectly safe throughout the shoot as the storm was ten kilometres behind them.

The storm, in Alberta, Canada, happened at 8.30pm on Wednesday night last week (Aug 6 2014).

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