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Lost car reunion

Abandoned Ford Anglia

A carpenter tracked down the car he dumped when it broke down – 40 YEARS after he abandoned it.

In a series of photos, Tommi Nummelin, 23, captured the moment his father Pekka Nummelin, 62, was reunited with his British-made Ford Anglia in the very place he abandoned it in 1974.

Mr Nummelin, a mechanical engineer, said his father’s car was found in a remarkably good state considering its age.

He said: “The paintwork and the interior looked good and the chrome parts, such as door handles and mirror, were absolutely perfect.”

Mr Nummelin’s father acquired the classic car when he was barely out of his teenage years.

He said: “Dad was still living with his parents when he got his first job, and needed transport. He drove the car to work and back every Monday to Friday – about 20 miles, on bumpy dirt roads.”

On a fateful commute the car’s radiator hose was knocked loose, causing an anti-freeze leak.

Mr Nummelin’s father and uncle attempted to refill the radiator with water – by doing so they unwittingly sealed the Anglia’s fate.

Mr Nummelin said: “During the night the water froze to the cooling channels. This kept the engine from starting.

“They tow-started the poor Anglia with a tractor. All they heard was a loud thump, and the engine died, never to come back again. The block had cracked.”

The Nummelin family eventually moved away from the area and the Anglia was forgotten.

Mr Nummelin said: “We were recently talking about cars when my stepmother mentioned she’d love to buy a vintage Ford. Dad was amused by the idea, and said his Anglia was probably still sitting where he left it in 1974.

“I was puzzled. He had told me his first car was a Ford Anglia, but I assumed it had been scrapped.

“The place he now lives isn’t more than 20 miles from the old house, so we paid it a visit”.

Mr Nummelin drove his father back to his childhood home in Mikkeli, Finland and searched for the lost car. They found it encrusted with grime and covered in a thick blanket of moss.

The interior, in contrast, was almost perfectly preserved as a time capsule of the mid-1970s.

Mr Nummelin, Luppcenranta in Finland, said: There was no need for lock-picking. All the window needed was a little push and I was able to squeeze my hand in and reach the lock.”

The Ford Anglia has experienced a resurgence in popularity since it’s appearance as the Weasley family’s car in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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