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Luxury Christmas crackers

Luxury Christmas crackers

Could these be the perfect Christmas crackers for the ultra-rich?

Unlike ordinary crackers, which give up humdrum items like keyrings and shoe horns, these luxury alternatives contain prizes worth more than £4 million, making them a must-have for billionaires hoping to impress well-heeled party guests.

The crackers, on offer from luxury goods website VeryFirstTo, contain prizes worthy of the jetset including a stunning diamond Cartier necklace and keys for a Sunseeker Predator 84 speed yacht filled with nautical style furniture, worth £3,700,000.

Mindful not to stray too far from tradition, VeryFirstTo founder Marcel Knobil, 51, confirmed that the crackers will also contain cheesy jokes.

He said: “These crackers are truly explosive when it comes to lighting the fuse of guests’ excitement and anticipation. Whilst the joke inside might be cheap the gift certainly won’t be.”

The crackers come with a healthy price tag of £4,018,600.

As bespoke items, the crackers will be custom-made to suit the buyers’ table décor. If the standard gifts are not to taste, they can be swapped for different items, and price will be adjusted accordingly.

Other items hidden within the crackers include the keys to an Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe, an 18-carat Breguet wristwatch, a Graf von Faber-Castell pen, and tickets for a once-in-a-lifetime around-the-world trip which takes in ten unique locations.

VeryFirstTo marketing officer Amar Thapen, 32, said he believes the company is offering the ultimate Christmas surprise.

He said: “We are known for producing the ultimate and the ‘never-done-befores’ when it comes to luxury gifts.

“I think people around the dinner table will definitely be going for the most expensive item – which is the Predator yacht.”

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