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Mature lingerie model

Carol Dunster lingerie model

A mother-of-two bounced back from divorce and depression to become a lingerie model – aged 48.

Carol Dunster, from St. Austell, has amazed her friends and family with her racy photos, which she posed for as a way of regaining her confidence.

She said: “When my marriage broke down I cried enough tears to fill a bathtub. I felt utterly broken inside.

“But my experiences show you can pick yourself up again – it just takes time.

“Finding lingerie modelling was the best thing that happened to me since my divorce. It kicked me in the right direction and since then life has been amazing.

“I want to prove to other women that you can go out there and show off your body. Mature women can still be sexy and attractive, you just need to be confident.

“My girls are a little bit embarrassed and had some comments to make, but really, they’re quite proud.

“My daughters’ male friends even comment about how attractive I am on Facebook.”

Ms Dunster faced mounting depression following the breakdown of her 22-year-long marriage in 2006.

She said: “I was really hit hard by my divorce, it really knocked my confidence.

“I spent a lot of time by myself, sat at home. The only thing that kept me going was my running and my driving instructor business.

“I hardly ever went out. I thought I was useless and rubbish. When my daughters moved out they tried to be supportive of me, but it didn’t make much difference. They could definitely see the difference in me and were quite worried for a while.”

But then, Ms Dunster, a driving instructor, found a surprising source of confidence when she was entered into a ‘beach babe’ modelling competition, sponsored by her local radio station.

To the amazement of her daughters Giselle, 25, and Rochelle, 23, she came first place.

She said: “A friend of mine entered the pictures on my behalf – I didn’t know very much about it, and I certainly didn’t expect to win.

“After I won that competition, it all just flowed from there. It boosted my confidence considerably and I started to do some modelling work at the weekends.

“I’d love to land a modeling contract for mature ladies and maybe one day get the chance to appear in a TV advert.”

Now Ms Dunster poses for lingerie photos approximately once a month. The pictures are published on modelling sites online and often shared around Facebook.

She said: “I will get plenty of men send me a private message on Facebook saying they love my photos, even if they’re too embarrassed to ‘like’ it publicly.”

Since starting her modelling career, Ms Dunster has found new love with foreman Stephen Truscott, 50, after meeting him through internet dating.

“Stephen’s really proud of me, even though he does get teased by the guys at work.

“I’d hit rock bottom after the break-up of my relationship, but I have found a lovely guy now. It took four years, but I’m on my way back up again.

“If I can get up off the floor and rebuild my life, get my girls through school and university, everyone else can.

“You just cannot give up.”

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