Monkey rescue success

After generous support from the public, a monkey sanctuary in Cornwall managed to raise £6,000 and rescue a capuchin monkey.

The monkey, named Daisy, was originally confiscated from an exotic animal breeder in Wales where she was isolated from any others of her breed. She was found with healed cigarette burns and poorly mended fractured fingers.

Daisy was also found to have a laparotomy scar – often a sign of being in a laboratory breeding facility.

She was then taken on by a caring couple in Gloucester who nursed her back to health and even found her a fellow capuchin to keep her company. Unfortunately, after several years together he died, leaving Daisy alone again and desperate for company.

A team of experienced primate keepers made the journey on January 7 to collect Daisy.

Site manager for Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary in Looe Tjark Plat, said: “Everything went very smoothly on the day. We custom-build equipment for each rescue to ensure it is as stress free as possible.”

The sanctuary has taken more than 30 capuchins, a particularly intelligent breed of monkey which often appears in the primate pet trade.

Primate Keeper Sharon Perry said: “It is just fantastic that we managed to raise the funds. She will spend a month in isolation before she can be introduced to some new monkey friends.

“We are extremely grateful to everyone who supported the appeal. We are still running the appeal as any extra funds raised help cover costs of a specialist diet, which we spend over £30,000 a year on.

“There are monkeys on our waiting list which also need rescuing. The more people who know about Daisy’s story and the plight of others like her in the UK primate pet trade, the better.”

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