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Monkey takes a selfie

Monkey takes a selfie

Visitors to a wildlife park were amazed to witness a marmoset monkey steal a British tourist’s phone and take a ‘selfie’.

James Whittingham, 30, was visiting tropical gardens on honeymoon when a quick-thinking primate grabbed his mobile phone and took a picture of itself using the front-mounted camera.

Mr Whittingham, a bricklayer from Southampton, said: “I’d spent most of my holiday taking selfies with various animals for a joke – but this topped them all.

“It was so funny. I couldn’t believe my luck.”

Mr Whittingham was at Butterfly World Tropical Gardens near Cape Town, South Africa, when he was approached by the adventurous creature.

Marmosets are very social and curious and often unafraid to interact with humans.

Mr Whittingham said: “The monkey came down onto a wooden post next to me, so I put my hand out and it held my fingers.

“I had my phone out to take photos and I wondered what its reaction would be to its own image.

“I switched to the front-facing camera and held it up to it. It grabbed the phone and cocked its head to one side.

“As it moved I heard the camera go off and the marmoset ran away. I looked at my photos afterwards and there it was – a monkey selfie.”

The entire exchange was captured on camera by South African tour guide Paul Harding, 36.

Mr Harding said: “James was so pleased and he now reckons he has a special relationship with animals.”

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