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Morning dew ladybirds

Ladybird covered in dew

These incredibly detailed photographs show how a ladybird’s polka dot wings look when they are covered in morning dew.

The pictures, which offer a window into the rarely-seen world of the very small, reveal how tiny water droplets settle on the beetles’ bodies.

Amateur photographer Cristian Arghiuș, 34, captured the images while on a morning walk in the countryside near his home.

He said: “I’ve played with ladybirds since my childhood.

“I’ve photographed these beetles so often because they are my favorite macro subjects and I find them everywhere in autumn. Every time I meet these beetles in the field, I take several pictures of them.”

Mr Arghiuș, an orthopedic surgeon of Alba Iulia in Romania, said capturing such intricate detail can pose a technical challenge.

He said: “The ladybirds were photographed in the early morning when there is a lot of dew on the vegetation.

“The images were not staged in any way – the insects were photographed in their natural environment, close to the ground. They are a challenge to shoot, as their wings reflect a lot of light.”

Ladybirds are popular among gardeners because they enjoy eating aphids, a common plant-eating pest. Their patterned wing covers are designed to warn away potential predators.

More high resolution pictures are available on request. To discuss rates for using pictures and copy, contact news editor Tom Knight on 07815 004413 or


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