£1 food challenge

One pound a day food budget diet

A 26-year-old lawyer is feeding herself with food saved from skips and recycled bones from her local butcher to get through a challenge to survive on a budget of just £1 a day.

Alice Biggar, of Southampton, decided to save the pennies and give up expensive grub for an entire month.

She said: “I wanted to challenge myself for the new year, so I made my resolution to be less wasteful with money and live below the poverty line on £1 a day.”

Miss Biggar, a solicitor, has been raiding the reduced aisles of the city’s supermarkets as part of her challenge, which has so far seen her shed seven pounds.

She has been living off reduced-price vegetables, supermarket-own brand basics such as soups, pastas and bread, and has even blagged herself some free bones from a local butcher to make soup.

She said: “My best buy was probably a huge bag of parsnips for 4p which I incorporated into a Burns Night supper.

“I’ve also visited Skipchen in Bristol – a restaurant which serves only food intercepted from supermarket bins, and I’ve been foraging for wild berries.”

Miss Biggar has been writing about the experience on her blog.

She said: “Within a few days the blog really took off. People seem to find my suffering humourous.”

“Everyone assumes I would be starving – but I’m not. The hardest part of the challenge is finding fresh food at low prices.”

Miss Biggar is raising money for the Trussell Trust – a charity that aims to tackle poverty in the UK and Bulgaria.

She said: “The Trussell Trust have been incredibly supportive of me and have given me some nutrition sheets that they give out to clients of the food bank.

“If I can get people to think more about what they spend on a meal then I consider this challenge a real success.”

Miss Biggar says although the challenge has been beneficial to her, she is looking forward to being able to treat herself again.

She said: “I would recommend everyone tries the challenge for a week – it makes you realise how much we waste on food and it really does make you appreciate what you have.

“On a personal note though, I’m looking forward to having a wine, take-away and film night.”

You can follow Alice’s poverty line challenge on her blog at: www.challengealice.com

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