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Pampered dogs designer clothes pushchairs

A woman who is so frugal that she buys all her clothes in charity shops has admitted to spending a whopping £300 a week on designer togs for her dogs.

Pamela Richards, 57, has blown a whopping £13,000 of inheritance money on her dogs in the past two years.

The staggering bills she racks up paying for designer clothes, pampering sessions and the best grain free options of gourmet food for her chihuahuas Molly and Barley leave Mrs Richards, who has a teenage daughter, just £20 a week to spend on herself.

She said: “I make do with clothes from charity shops and Primark so that Barley and Molly don’t go without.

“I don’t need clothes from expensive boutiques. I can get by on just £20 a week. It’s not a lot, but I’d rather spend all my money on the dogs, because I can tell they love it.”

Mrs Richards, a former professional photographer of Barton in north Yorkshire, said her daughter Horatia, 19, does not mind that so much of the money, which was left as inheritance after Mrs Richard’s husband Robert died of a heart attack four years ago, is being spent on the dogs.

Mrs Richards said: “Horatia doesn’t mind that her dad’s inheritance isn’t being saved for her – she loves spoiling the dogs too. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Barley and Molly are like my children.

“My husband Robert died four years ago leaving me an inheritance that I love to spend on my dogs. Robert was an animal lover so I know he’d approve of me splashing his cash on my pets.”

“I know it seems extravagant but my pets are worth every penny.

“I think they are adorable and full of fun, so I want them to have the best. All my money goes on the dogs. They are spoilt rotten.”

Mrs Richards bought 13-month-old Barley and 15-month-old Molly in 2013 for £500 each.

Since purchasing the puppies Mrs Richards has spent £3,000 on a dog training course, £1,400 on food and treats, £2,000 on pampering sessions and £3,000 on designer dog clothes.

The pampered pooches have grown accustomed to their luxurious lifestyle. The mutts are rarely seen out of their Burberry and Juicy Couture designer togs which cost £200 each.

They even have their own see-saw and swimming pool in the back garden.

The chihuahuas each have their own £150 pushchairs for them to jump in to when they get tired while out walking, or when they are not being carried a specially-designed bag, which cost £100. On hot days the dogs wear their own sunglasses and hats.

Molly and Barley are also treated to weekly sessions at a grooming salon, which include massages and hydrobaths.

The pair also dine on special chihuahua biscuits which cost £15 a bag. Mrs Richards once pushed the boat out on £46 luxury biscuits.

Mrs Richards said: “They both have really distinct personalities. Molly is a diva and I dress her in one-of-a-kind custom-made dresses while Barley wears outfits by designers like Juicy Couture and Burberry.

“They have hundreds of outfits and enjoy the dressing-up as much as I do. People see me walking them around town in their prams and they love them. It is quite an unusual thing to see.”

The chihuahuas also share their own bedroom, complete with designer beds and dressing tables covered in special doggy perfumes and jewellery. The pair share their room with Mrs Richards other dog Bramble, an 11-year-old King Charles spaniel.

The besotted pet owner now plans to open her own doggy boutique to cater for other animal lovers.

She said: “The boutique would let me fund my obsession and allow me to do what I love – spoil my pets.

“I’d love to take them to the USA one day when they’re older so I can treat them to a posh five star dog hotel stay, but they’re still too young.”

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