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David Zinn pavement art

A street artist who has amazed pedestrians all over America with his clever optical tricks is now setting his artistic sights on the UK.

David Zinn makes characters from his imagination, including flying pigs and bug-eyed aliens, burst out from pavement concrete through clever use of perspective.

The art, which stun pedestrians as they walk city streets, are entirely composed of chalk, charcoal and found objects.

Mr Zinn said: “The hardest part is making sure the final drawings will make sense to passing observers and not just to me crouching a few inches away. While I’m making them, I have to jump back and forth a lot.”

“I would love to do some chalking in the UK. I just have to figure out how to get across the big watery part in between.”

Mr Zinn begins each drawing by choosing a location and then sketching out the idea with chalk.

He said: “To start with, I don’t attract attention. But as the drawing properly gets underway, people start talking to me about what I’m doing. Parents have even left their children to watch me while they run errands.”

Mr Zinn uses cracks and imperfections in the pavement to enhance his drawings. An average piece will take Mr Zinn two hours to create, even if the drawing is only a few inches across.

He said: “I often get distracted by conversations with people who stop to look. Also, since I never see the drawings again after I walk away, I’m never in a hurry to leave.”

One of Mr Zinn’s weird and wonderful characters is called Sluggo, a green alien-like creature. Another group of recurring characters is a set of flying pigs with wings.

He said: “The flying pigs started out as part of a general fondness for putting wings on animals, but soon became a symbol of achieving the impossible.

“I have to see a creature at least three times before it feels like a character.”

Mr Zinn’s creations have appeared across Michigan in Grand Rapids, Detroit and Ann Arbor as well as underground platforms in Manhattan and on construction debris in the Sonoran Desert.

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